[Breaking] Skype users' Remote and Local IP address accessible, raises huge security concern!

Apr 30th, 2012No Comments

Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services in the world and was recently bought by Microsoft. So popular it is, that it has an app for almost all the major platforms.

Seems now, that a potential security breach has been discovered that allows anyone to find out your Remote and local IP address. These details will allow anyone having access to your username (Skype).

The whole thought seems a bit preposterous, because there is no real reason why Skype should allow such data to be discoverable. Martin Brinkmann of ghacks has not only discovered this security loophole, but also found a way for people to try it too (we urge you not to).

Martins says,

It basically starts an add a Skype contact request but does not complete it. The log file will display the local and remote IP of that Skype user, even if the user is not added to the list of contacts in Skype.

The script is for instance available on this site. Just enter the user name of a Skype user, fill out the captcha, and click the search button to initiate the lookup. You will receive the user’s remote IP and port, as well as the local IP and port.

The only probable upside to this is that it works only if the user is online.

Nevertheless it is a scary flaw/breach. With many people turning to Skype fr calls over faster networks, the threat of being able to latch on to your IP address and then be able to trace your whereabouts is scary.

You can read about this in details here.

The source for this article is here.

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