Interview with Stephen Elop

Dec 3rd, 2011No Comments

BGR just posted a video of Stephen Elop being interviewed yesterday and I thought it was something that was worth a watch.

In the interview Stephen Elop goes on to mention how the Lumia family will be different from other Windows phones and how HTC and Samsung's Windows Phones are not its 'real competition' but is rather Android and iOS.

He also goes on to talk about how patents are important and what is being done to ensure that Windows family is well protected.

Stephen Elop also goes on further to talk about emerging markets and mentions India a couple of times. Its quite clear that India and other developing markets are quite dear to him and the strategy charted for Nokia.

I particularly liked how he just slips in the 18 million units in 90 days to the interviewer. It's these numbers and unique set of challenges that India and other developing countries pose that the US centric market must realize.

Unfortunately, the Dollar and Euro obsessed analyst can't see beyond those two geogrpahies. Oh well!

Here's the video interview -


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