Starting Windows Phone 8, You Can Side-load Apps, Kinda

Dec 1st, 2012No Comments

So you have a shiny new Windows Phone device running Apollo, eh? And your device has a memory card? Oh nice then, if you want to sideload apps, you can, now, sort of.

The Windows Phone Store got a facelift recently, and the sideloading feature also went live with that update, as promised by Microsoft during the announcement of the new version of WP. It’s pretty secure, though, so developers shouldn’t be as worried (of course, assuming what I am making out of it is all correct. They know better, eh.). Here’s how sideloading will work -

You download a .XAP, that is, the app installer, from the Store, on to your computer. Then, you transfer it to your phone’s memory card, then put the card back into your phone. Launch the Store client, it will have an additional “SD Card” option. Tap on that, and after the phone’s done scanning for any .XAPs you might have, it will verify them with the Store’s servers. Matching apps will be allowed to be installed. Free apps can be installed right away, paid apps’ trial versions can be installed. Paid apps with no trial versions cannot be installed, even if you’ve bought them. Only latest versions of apps will be installed.

There’s one benefit I see of this – you can save on bandwidth. That’s all I can think of, right now. So, Microsoft, care to elaborate?

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